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160 prep

n. a standard door preparation which consists of a 2 1/8" cross bore with a 2 3/8" backset, and a 1" edge bore with a mortise 1" wide and 2 1/4" high

161 prep

n. a standard door preparation which consists of a 2 1/8" cross bore with a 2 3/4" backset, and a 1" edge bore with a mortise 1 1/8" wide and 2 1/4" high

accessory position

n. the position of an ignition switch intended to permit the use of radio or other equipment without turning on a drive chain component

active leaf

n. the single door of a pair on which the active or locking hardware is mounted


abb. Americans with Disabilities Act

after hours depository

n. a locked receptacle for the deposit of items after regular hours


abb. after hours depository


abb. authority having jurisdiction

alarm system

n. a system of electrical and/or electronic components which detect and report dangers, such as fire or intrusion

aligning tube

n. 1. a lock component which orients and joins the latch and knob spindles of certain bored locksets

2. in some combination locks, a tube which houses the spindle, located between the dial ring and the lock

Americans with Disabilities Act

n. a US federal law dealing with minimum standards of building accessibility, as well as other issues concerning individuals with disabilities

ANSI strike

n. any of many strikes designed to fit door and frame preparations as specified in the applicable document in the ANSI A115 series, common usage refers to a strike with dimensions of 4 7/8" X 1 1/4"

ANSI 117.1

n. that section of the American National Standards Institute documents pertaining to handicap access

anti friction

adj. pertaining to a feature which, upon contact with the strike, allows smoother operation of a latch bolt

architectural hardware

n. hardware used in building construction, especially that used in connection with doors

assembly occupancy

n. those buildings or areas which are designated as places of assembly according to life safety or building codes


n. a molding attached to the face of the active leaf of a pair of doors and overlapping the inactive leaf


abb. automatic teller machine


symbol for attendant's key

attendant's key

n. a selective master key used in a hospital keying system

authority having jurisdiction

n. that person, usually within a municipality, charged with the application and interpretation of local life safety codes

automatic deadbolt

n. a deadbolt designed to extend itself fully when the door is closed

automatic flush bolt

n. a flush bolt designed to extend itself when both leaves of the pair of doors are in the closed position

auxiliary lock

n. any lock installed in addition to the primary lockset

automatic teller machine

n. a device for dispensing cash, receiving deposits and performing other banking functions upon presentation of the proper authorization


n. the resistance provided by a door closer as a door is opened


n. the distance between the center of a cross bore and the bolt edge of a door or drawer

ball locking

adj. a method of locking a padlock shackle into its case using ball bearing(s) as the bolt(s)

barrel bolt

n. a surface mounted slide bolt which has a cylindrical shape

barrier free

n. having to do with the absence of restrictions to access by the handicapped

Barron, Robert

the Englishman credited with the invention of the double acting lever tumbler in 1778

Basic Building Code

n. former name for BOCA National Building Code

battery eliminator

n. an electric device designed to provide energy to equipment normally requiring batteries for operation

bell box

n. the protective enclosure for a bell or other alarm sounding device

bevel (of a door)

n. the pitch on the leading edge of a door which allows clearance for closing


n. a threaded collar commonly used to secure certain cylinder or lock assemblies

bicycle padlock

n. a padlock with sufficient shackle clearance to secure a bicycle

bit key

n. a key with one or more projecting bits


abb. Building Officials and Code Administration International

BOCA National Building Code

n. the model building code developed and published by BOCA


n. any movable projection which blocks the movement of one object relative to another

boltwork button

n. the component which automatically triggers extension of the locking bolt(s) when the door is in the closed position

bored lock

n. a lock for a door prepared with one or more cross bores and one or more edge bores

boring jig

n. a tool, temporarily affixed to a door, which provides a template structure to guide drill bits properly when preparing for the installation of specific hardware

box of wards

n. a complete unit of intricate wards installed in or on a lock case

box strike

n. a strike equipped to line the bolt cavity for both aesthetic and protective purposes

Bramah, Joseph

the Englishman who had the world's first patent of a locking mechanism in 1784. It was the first lock incorporating a cylinder whose key did not contact the lock bolt directly.

bridge ward

n. a center ward attached to the interior of a lock by means of a bracket

Bramah type lock

n. a lock or cylinder using a mechanism with sliders, normally arranged in a circle

build up dimension

n. 1. n. the distance between two different shear lines, as expressed in units of the manufacturer's increment or as an actual measurement

2. the dimension of the buildup pin required in a particular chamber which will allow one key to operate at the plug shear line and a different key to operate at a different shear line

build up pin

n. the additional element of a pin stack required to allow operation at different shear lines in a cylinder

by pass tool

n. A device that neutralizes the security of a locking device, or its application hardware, often taking advantage of a design weakness


n. 1. a lock or cylinder component which transfers the rotational motion of a key or cylinder plug to the bolt works of a lock

2. the bolt of a cam lock

card reader

n. a device which interprets coding resident on or in cards


n. the housing or body of a lock

case cap

n. the scalp of an automotive cylinder

case cover

n. the portion of a lock case which is designed to be removable to allow access to the mechanism

case ward

n. any ward directly attached to or projecting from a lock case

central station

n. a location designed for the express purpose of processing status signals for multiple alarm systems

certificate of occupancy

n. a document, granted by the authority having jurisdiction, permitting occupancy or use

change index

n. the point on a key changeable combination lock dial ring to which the old and new combinations must be dialed when changing the combination

Chubb shackle

n. a hinged shackle with a pierced hole for the bolt in its movable end

claw bolt

n. a bolt with one or more fingers which extend out of the bolt and lock behind the strike as the bolt reaches the locked position

clear opening

n. a portal providing clearance through which passage is unhampered


n. a device to permanently attach a chain to a padlock


n. a hand held key bitting punch, often incorporating a trigger like handle

closed gated

adj. pertaining to a lever tumbler whose gate is pierced into the body of the tumbler. The lever(s) surround the fence in both the locked and unlocked positions.

closed knob

n. a knob without an opening in its face

closet spindle

n. a spindle with a thumbturn attached to one end

closet latch

n. a latchset which has a turning device with minimum projection in place of the inside knob or lever


abb. the title "Certified Master Locksmith" as awarded by ALOA


abb. certificate of occupancy

compound bitted key

n. a key with at least one compound cut

compound cut

n. a bitting which has another bitting dimension within its dimensions

concealed vertical rod device

n. a vertical rod exit device whose rods and header / threshold bolts are concealed within the door

concrete case

n. an enclosure for mounting a floor closer

continuous duty

adj. designed to sustain application of power for extended periods

control chamber

n. in an interchangeable or removable core, any chamber which has a control shear line which is different from the operating shear line

control dimension

n. in certain interchangeable or removable cores, the distance between the operating shear line and the control shear line, expressed either in units of the increment or as a measurement

control shear line

n. the shear line which allows operation of the control lug of an interchangeable or removable core

control sleeve

n. the part of an interchangeable or removable core retaining device which surrounds the plug


n. in conjunction with a pair of doors, a device designed to cause the inactive leaf to close first

corner bracket

n. a door closer mounting plate attached to the upper corner of the jamb


abb. the title "Certified Professional Locksmith" as awarded by ALOA


abb. the title "Certified Registered Locksmith" as awarded by ALOA

cross bore

n. a hole drilled into the face of a door where a bored or interconnected lockset is to be installed


adj. of or pertaining to a key section or keyway which usually resembles a plus sign (+) or the letter "X"

curved lip strike

n. a strike so shaped as to effect smoother function of the latch while the door is closing

cylindrical lockset

n. a bored lockset whose latch or bolt locking mechanism is contained in the portion installed through the cross bore

day gate

n. a barrier used to restrict passage during normal business hours, normally used at a vault entrance

day lock

n. a secondary lock used to restrict entry during normal business hours while the primary locking device is unlocked


n. a bolt which requires a deliberate action to extend and which resists end pressure in the unlocking direction when fully extended


n. a lock which incorporates a deadbolt


adj. pertaining to any feature which, when fully engaged, resists attempts to move the latch or bolt in the unlocking direction through direct pressure

deadlocking latch

n. a latchbolt with a deadlocking mechanism

decoder gauge

n. a measuring device which helps determine the combination of a lock or cylinder without removing the tumblers


n. 1. a device which automatically places a telephone call to a pre set number when activated

n. 2. an electro mechanical device which systematically tries different combinations on a dial operated combination lock

diamond back

adj. pertaining to a rim cabinet lock whose mounting flanges and case form the general shape of a diamond


1. v. to place an exit device in the hold back mode

2. n. in marine applications the latch for a hatch

dogging cylinder

n. a key operated cylinder used to dog an exit device

dogging key

n. a key or tool used to dog an exit device

dogging screw

n. a screw used to dog an exit device

door control

n. any device which controls the opening, closing or position of a door

door silencer

n. a bumper installed in the jamb stop to quiet the closing of a door

double acting hinge.

n. a hinge which permits movement of a door in either direction from the closed position

double acting lever tumbler

n. one which must be lifted a precise amount, neither too little nor too much to allow movement of a bolt

double cylinder

adj. pertaining to a lock with two keyed cylinders

double cylinder deadlock

n. a deadbolt lock whose bolt may be operated by a key from either side

double D

n . a shape consisting of two opposing arcs and two opposing flats

adj. having such a shape

double D punch

n. a tool used to make a double D hole

drilled key

n. a type of bit key with a hole drilled into the shank from the tip

drive in

adj. pertaining to a latch or bolt with a round face

drop bolt

n. a lock with an interlocking bolt which moves vertically and may enter loops on the strike

dual custody

n. 1. a function designed to require the presence of two persons with two different keys, combinations or codes to operate the same device

adj. 2. pertaining to such a function

dummy trim

n. non active trim applied for aesthetic purposes

duress code

n. a special combination or operation sequence which conveys an alarm or other signal to a remote location while allowing access

dust box

n. an enclosure applied under a strike to enhance appearance and/or performance

edge bore

n. a hole drilled into the edge of a door where a bored or interconnected lockset is to be installed

educational occupancy

n. those buildings or areas which are designated as places for education purposes according to life safety or building codes

effective throw

n. the distance a deadlatch remains projected when the guard bolt has been engaged and end pressure is applied to the latch

electrified lockset

n. a lock which is controlled electrically

end ward

n. a ward which prevents complete insertion and/or rotation of an incorrect key by forming an obstruction the end of the key

end ward cut

n. any cut made into a key to bypass an end ward

entry/exit delay

n. an alarm or access control feature which allows a specific time lapse between the activation of a switch and the activation of a secondary component

exit only

adj. refers to hardware designed to secure an opening in such a way as to permit exit at all times but prevent entry at all times