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n. the finished component of a lock visible on the edge of a door

face plate

n. the finished, removable plate which covers the front of some locks

fail safe

adj: a feature of a security device designed to release, for safety purposes, during a power loss


n. any locking element other than a sidebar or shackle designed to enter a tumbler's gate

file cabinet lock

n. 1. any lock used on a file cabinet

2. a plunger lock cylinder for a gang lock normally used in a file cabinet

fire alarm

n. a system designed to detect and report conditions which may indicate presence of a fire

fire door

n. a door constructed to provide a specific degree of fire protection

fire door assembly

n. any combination of a fire door, frame, hardware and other accessories, that together provide a specific degree of fire protection to the opening

fire exit hardware

n. exit devices which may legally be installed on fire doors. Distinguished from other exit devices because it: 1) is labeled for both fire and panic and 2) has no means of locking the latch in a retracted position

flat goods

n. ancillary architectural hardware such as push plates, mop plates, stretcher plates, kick plates, etc.

flat type key

n. a key which is completely flat on both sides, usually used for warded or lever tumbler locks


n. the cam portion of the trunnion assembly in some lever tumbler locks

frangible shackle

n. a padlock shackle designed to be broken easily

frangible shackle padlock

n. a padlock equipped with an easily broken shackle


n. the portion of a lock which provides the means of mounting the locking device to the edge of the door

full mortise

adj. pertaining to a method of installation in which only the face plate and trim is exposed. The lock case is installed in a pocket in the door or drawer

v. to make a rectangular pocket in a door or drawer that is only open on the edge of the door or drawer

fusible link arm

n. a door closer arm which includes a mechanism for holding a door open. This mechanism has an element which, when subjected to certain temperatures, melts and allows the door to close

gang lock

n. a locking mechanism with multiple bolts which locks different openings simultaneously by a single action

garage door lock

n. a rim lock mechanism designed for use on an overhead door, which mechanism has a spring loaded bolt which automatically locks the door's bolt mechanism

graphite gun

n. a usually flexible container designed to dispense a powdered lubricant

guard bolt

n. a spring loaded bolt which, when activated, will deadlock a latch bolt


n. 2. that part of a flat key lever lock which connects the nose to the foot and supports the key blade

half mortise hinge

n. a hinge which has one leaf mortised into the door and the second leaf applied to the surface of the frame

hand change

adj. pertaining to a combination lock in which the wheels must be removed in order to change the combination


adj. pertaining to hardware which is manufactured only for application on doors with a specific orientation

handicapped code

n. any building code designed to ease access for handicapped persons

hard wire system

adj. one in which the components are directly connected to the central control unit


n. a hinged metal strap designed to be passed over a staple and secured in place

heel & toe locking

n. describes a padlock which has locking dogs at both the heel and toe of the shackle

heel (of a padlock shackle)

n. the part of a padlock shackle which is retained in the case when in the unlocked position

hinge security stud

n. a protrusion on one leaf of a hinge which interlocks with the other when the door is closed

hinge stile

n. the vertical edge of a door where hinges are installed

hinged shackle

n. a shackle whose heel is permanently mounted to the padlock case in a manner which allows the shackle to pivot to open

Hobbs shackle

n. a hinged shackle with a notch for the bolt in its movable end

hold open arm

n. a door closer arm with the capability of maintaining the door in the open position

hook bolt

n. a lock bolt shaped in the general outline of a hook. Normally used on sliding doors or where spreading of the frame and door is a possible attack.

horizontal exit

n. an exit to the outside or an area of refuge on the same or nearly the same level

horizontal locking

n. the locking mechanism associated with vehicle doors with horizontal linkage


n. in a non cylinder lock, the housing which surrounds the nose and extends through the door or drawer

horn plate

n. the cover of a lever tumbler lock case to which the horn is attached

hospital hinge

n. a hinge with a large chamfer at each end of the knuckle


n. a lock component which redirects rotational motion from a spindle or shaft to linear movement of a latch or bolt

hybrid locking system

n. a locking system which derives its security from two or more different technologies operated by the same key in one device, e.g. mechanical/electronic, mechanical/magnetic, etc.


abb. International Conference of Building Officials

ignition key release

n. a button or other actuator which must be pushed before a vehicle's ignition key may be turned to the withdrawal position

ignition lock

n. the lock assembly associated with a vehicle's engine on off switch and starter

index (of a combination lock dial)

n. the mark outside the dial ring of a combination lock used as a reference point

interconnected lockset

n. a lockset whose trim provides a means of simultaneous retraction of two or more bolts which may also be operated independently

interlocking bolt

n. a bolt which interlocks with its strike when fully engaged

intermittent duty

adj. of or pertaining to an electric strike or lock not designed to be energized for extended periods of time


abb. infrared