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n. the vertical components of a door frame

jimmy proof

adj. pertaining to a lock having a bolt which interlocks with its strike


n. 1. the movable portion of an electric strike which captures the bolt

2. see "strike"

key change

adj. referring to a lock in which the combination can be changed through the use of a special key or tool without disassembling the lock

key in knob lockset

n. any lockset with a key operated cylinder in one or more knobs

key in lever lockset

n. any lockset with a key operated cylinder in one or more lever handles

key pull(s)

n. a lock specification which indicates by quantity and orientation the position(s) in which a key may be withdrawn

Key Records Department

n. the department which is responsible for generating and issuing all lock and key combinations and maintaining records of them

key switch

n. a switch operated by a keyed lock mechanism which may be an integral part of the switch assembly


n. the opening through which a non cylinder key must pass to enter a lock

keyhole lock

n. a lock which blocks the keyhole of a bit key lock

keyhole plate

n. an escutcheon for a keyhole

keyway post

n. 1. see "guide" def. 2"

2. the projecting pin of a lock or cylinder which enters the hollow end of a key

keyway ward

n. a ward which prevents entry of an incorrect key into a cylinder or lock

kick plate

n. a protective plate mounted on the bottom of a door to prevent damage to minimize damage to the door

knock out tag

n. the portion of a key bow where a code number may be stamped and which is designed to be removed from the bow prior to normal usage

L handle

n. an L shaped handle assembly which may be lockable

L handle lock

n. a cabinet lock with an L shaped handle

laminated padlock

n. A padlock whose case is constructed of separate plates usually riveted together


n. a mechanical device which automatically keeps a door closed until a deliberate action is used to retract it

latch bolt

n. a spring actuated bolt, normally with one or more beveled surfaces, which, when aligned with the strike, engages it automatically

latching speed (of a door closer)

n. the final speed of a door just prior to closing


n. a non locking device which contains only a latch bolt, a means of operating said latch and all required trim

lever pack

n. a set of lever tumblers

lever tumbler

n. usually a flat, spring loaded tumbler which pivots on a post


abb. locked on by combination


n. any device which prevents access or use by requiring special knowledge or equipment

lock service package

n. a kit offered by the manufacturer or distributor of a product which contains what he deems required to properly service the product

lock stile

n. the vertical edge of a door designed for lock or latch installation

locker lock

n. a cabinet lock designed specifically for use on lockers

locking lug

n. a fixed component of a safe which locks the safe door in place in the locked position. See appendix

locking lug nut

n. a lug nut which requires the use of a key or special wrench


n. a locking device, complete with trim, mounting hardware and strike


n. a person with the knowledge and ability to select, install, service and bypass all the components of an electrical or mechanical lock

magnetic contact

n. an electrical switch activated by magnetic attraction or repulsion

man trap

n. a sally port designed for pedestrian traffic

matrix format master keying

n. a method of generating combinations and assigning key symbols in a master key system through the use of a matrix

metal desk lock

n. a cabinet lock with a vertically sliding bolt located at the rear of the cylinder

meter lock

n. 1. a padlock whose shackle consists of a single removable post, designed for locking utility meters or valves.

2. any of several small devices specifically designed to lock utility meters or valves and which require either a key or special wrench for removal.


abb. manipulation proof


abb. manipulation resistant


abb. Maximum Security. A trademark of the Adams Rite Manufacturing Co.


n. a vertical center post in the frame of a pair of doors

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neck (of a key)

n. 1. the portion of a bit key between the shoulder and the bit(s)

2. the portion of a cylinder key between the shoulder and the bow


n. National Fire Protection Association standards for doors and windows

NFPA 101

n. National Fire Protection Association life safety code


abb. non-fail safe

night latch

n. a rim mounted auxiliary latch bolt


abb. National Locksmith Suppliers Association

non-fail safe

adj: a feature of a security device designed to remain engaged, for security purposes, during a power loss

non handed

adj. pertaining to hardware which is manufactured in a way which allows installation on doors of any orientation without requiring modification or adjustment to accommodate the door orientation

non removable key

adj. a key which has one or more cuts on it which trap the key in the lock upon insertion

non removable pin

n. pertaining to a hinge whose pin can not be removed when the door is closed


n. the part of a non cylinder lock which contains the keyway and rotates within a horn


abb. non removable key


abb. non removable pin


symbol for nurse's key

nurse's key

n. a selective master key used in a hospital keying system

open gated

adj. pertaining to a lever tumbler whose gate is in the edge of the tumbler

occupancy type

adj. the use to which an area of a building is put with reference to the prevailing life safety or building code

opening index

n. the index or mark to which a combination is dialed in order to effect an opening

operating shear line

n. any shear line which allows normal operation of a cylinder or lock

overhead stop

n. a door stop which contacts the door near the top


n. the set of tumblers in a lever tumbler or combination lock


n. a detachable and portable lock with a shackle which locks into its case

panic button

n. any switching device in an alarm system designed to be activated by a person in a panic situation. It creates an immediate alarm condition


n. the cam of certain automotive cylinders

personal identification number

n. a series of numbers and/or letters associated with a particular individual as a means of identification


abb. personal identification number


abb. passive infra-red

plunger lock

n. any of various spring loaded locks or cylinders which move in or out to accomplish a locking function

post (of a key)

n. the portion of a bit key between the tip and the shoulder, to which the bit(s) is attached

pop out lock

n. a plunger lock usually used on vending machines to prevent operation of a T handle

power locks

n. electrically or electro-pneumatically operated locks

pre assembled lockset

n. a lock designed to be installed into a cutout in the edge of a door. The lock body and most or all of its trim need no further assembly other than securing it to the door.


n. The location and dimensions of the cut out(s) and reinforcing in a door or frame required to accept a piece of hardware.

v. To prepare a door or frame for installation of a lock or other hardware

primary key

n. a key which operates the ignition lock on a vehicle. It may or may not also operate some or all the other locks on the vehicle.

Pullman keeper

n. a type of keeper which is shaped to operate with the radiused contour of a Pullman latch

Pullman latch

n. a type of latch which pivots like a hinge and whose locking side is radiused